Life before the Taliban

 Life before the Taliban. – Women, Education and Economy1970s_girls1298152206

School project on the Taliban after reading the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni. A great book i recommend for it is heart wrenching and informative yet also  recognizes Human Rights issues. 

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Before Afghanistan was taken over by an extremist group called the Taliban that imposed strict laws and made the nation become a impoverished 3rd world country with a very small amount of trees. It was a thriving country full of vast landscapes and standard people living there day to day life whether it be listening to a record, getting a higher education at any Gender or wearing whatever hairstyle or clothes you want and you wouldn’t end up getting tortured, killed or fined. From the 1930s up until the late 1970s was Afghanistan’s golden age.BZOxPfKCQAAWW7H

Before Afghanistan was fully independent, Abdur Rahman Khan was in control when he ruled , Khan decided to make changes for women and how people would view them. He established many improvements that included required marriage registration, women not having to marry her husband’s next closest male relative if her husband passed away, and also a woman’s ability to choose if she wanted to stay with her husband if she was married before she went through puberty.
dia_0044_thumb main_1200article-2543902-1ADEBEFD00000578-58_634x448 Yet after Afghanistan was independent in 1919 the ruler at that time King Amanullah believed that women should be treated as equals and not have to cover their heads if going out, Created girl schools and abolished slavery which freed multiple women from concubinage.Sadly the King’s regime fell and 10 years later in 1931 in Article 9 of the Constitution states that all citizens of Afghanistan were supposed to be treated equally in his statement there is not a mention of women being counted as equal. Along with Amanullah’s work to free women from such oppression the importance of women’s lives seems to have been forgotten.article-2543902-1ADEBED700000578-426_634x419article-2543902-1AE0FB9D00000578-974_634x387

During this time women’s rights being a seesaw of decisions until the opportunity for women to get important jobs came in 1934 trailblazing the idea for women to live a more prominent role in society until the 60s and 70s when women were aloud to work in the government. Conditions for Women started to improve more that if there was an injustice in their government they would protest it. In 1984 men and women had the same job opportunities and women made up half the workforce! The Monarchs at that time wanted money for the government and military So they attempted to raise money by increasing the sale of commodities and raise taxes. This slowed the development process of Afghanistan during that period. In 1970s Afghanistan experienced many economic burdens one example would be the neighboring country Pakistan closing up its border crossings with Afghanistan which affected their political and economic ties with its northern neighbor, the powerful which was the dominant Soviet Union at that time_70187111_51959432None of these pictures are mine i don’t own any of them they are from google images.

For more information on The kite Runner click here-  KITE RUNNER INFO


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