What is #Savethedrop Campaign?


SAVE THE DROP – save the drops website click here

you might have heard that phrase before.

Here is  what you need to know about it.

Did you know that 1 person uses about 113 gallons of water EVERY DAY!


CO0fnJCUsAALP1mRight now there is a drought in the state of California, This drought has been going on for 4 years now! .   So people should really know how important it is that people save water. Water is a scarce thing, there is a lot of water in one country but in other countries people are dying of thirst.

Everybody can do their part! Limit your shower use, don’t brush your teeth with the faucet on and don’t waste water!!


SaveTheDrop101SM-02 Save the drop is letting people know what they need to do in order to preserve water.  Here in Los Angeles you can see the little drop with a face on billboards and bus benches and maybe even at an event or parade!

Promoting save the drop at Mexican independence day parade
Promoting save the drop at Mexican independence day parade


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made a calling for a 20% reduction in using water by 2017.  According to a website   “The campaign relies on earnest encouragement over guilt-tripping people into taking a shorter shower or watering the lawn…”

Isn't this the cutest!
Isn’t this the cutest!

Omelet, L.A.   The drawings are not mine i do not own them.


Posted by Lily Larsen

I am a 17-year-old​ activist/arts advocate and have been participating in marches, protests and petitions since I was 5 years old. I serve on Mayor Garcetti's Youth Council for South LA. And have generated a petition to ban factory farming in California with over 55,000 signatures. I organize community events and get teens like me connected with social justice issues and activism all over LA.

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