Here is work ive  written about pollution in Los Angeles from the  9th grade.


Clean and clear air is essential to life on Earth. If the whole world was extremely polluted then species would die off and every living thing would eventually disintegrate and die due to our natural recourses disappearing and people falling very ill. The thing is, the world is already polluted. India, Bangladesh, China and more countries are contaminated the highest level of PM2.5 meaning the  diameter measured in microns of particulates such as ammonia and nitrate but also carbon and sulfate.  Around 2.4 million people die each year from air pollution.


Los Angeles, California has the worst and most harmful ozone pollution in the United States for the 17th time in 18 years. 

Some of the cleanest places air wise in la are pacific palisades, bel air, Topanga, sierra Madre, chino hills, Palos verdes, rolling hills, El SeGundo, Oakmont Westchester, playa vista, marina del rey,  mar vista, Beverly hills, los altos, arcadia, emerald isle, Chevy chase, Torrance, surfside, Hollywood hills, la crescent & coastal beach areas such as Redondo huntington and newport.167503542

These places are known for having the best cleanest air in LA. This can be because there are a very small commute to and fro places in the area. And there are many accessible walking and biking places so they don’t need to drive.  Many of these places are coastal places this is because winds usually blow east which means that inland areas are more prone to having air/ toxic particles blown in. Yet some smog from ships and boats can also cause air pollution to get into the ocean and coast. Hills are more prone to fire because pollution settles in the valley since it’s like a bowl and temperatures are higher. These locations are densely white about 90% and majority is very clean too.

Nice to be back home. I had a really nice view out the window of the plane coming into LA. Had a wonderful week at a conference in Oregon and took a couple of days off to drive around. A truly beautiful state.


The green line-Hawthorne. Is a great mode of transportation so is the red purple orange silver gold blue and expo line. In my experiment I went to a majority of these locations and observed the air quality, also interviewed people who live in these areas. We are trying to determine if the difference metro is making effects air pollution here in LA. What we found out was pretty surprising. None of these locations had a change in the quality of the air, because these areas still have bad air quality except some parts of the gold line, which ends up in sierra Madre villa. But think even though the air may be bad now. What if we didn’t have ANY metro at ALL!! Then the air would be HORRIBLE!!! I also found out that in areas with very minimal to no air pollution the people who lived there seemed to have own at least 2 cars that if every single car was added up in that area you could give someone 8-15 cars per PERSON!!! Where as areas with a lot if air pollution has either 0-3 cars per person but the MOST air pollution!

Los Angeles, CaliforniaThere are high levels of diesel particulate and ozone toxicity in areas with air pollution and majority of these places have a lot of people and reasonable prices to live in compared to low pollution where it is mainly secluded by gates and private areas.  



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