With developments taking over Los Angeles,  Angelenos are being bought out and displaced by developers which is why we must take immediate action!
The State Bill (827) that is being pushed through in Sacramento would override city codes and planning.
 Urgent action needs to be taken on this bill! 


OPPOSE State Bill 827 – SB827

Justified by the housing crisis and increasing mass transit use. Allows developers to build under its rules (overriding local zoning) within ½ mile of an intersection on which a bus line goes west/east and north/south every 15 minutes.

Defense is that if you build too much housing, housing prices will go down. It centers around mass transit – the idea being building big buildings by busses will reduce use of cars

SB827 Eliminates city/community controls on developments within ½ mile from major transit intersections.

Eliminates city/community controls on:

  • City zone codes/HPOZ and controls on design

  • height limitations

  • # of stories

  • size of yard/green space

  • lot/floor ratio (space between neighbors)

  • the number of units

  • no affordable housing incentives – 0

(Technically a developer in the affected areas could by a house next door to yours and build a 20 story building – by right.)

Actions to take to oppose this bill:

  • Email your friends and family in California and send them information about the bill. Tell them to write their State Senator and others to tell them too oppose it.
  • Sign this petition.

  • Encourage people to Write to Politicians and tell them to oppose this bill.

State Senator Holly Mitchell (Mid-City/Culver City, etc.) who says she is undecided and demand that she oppose this bill.

The Mayor:

Your City Councilman

The State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee:

I wrote this, for example:


Communities that are affected by this bill will have even less input or influence over the rate and kind of development near their homes!

This bill is irresponsible, and takes control out of local governments hands!  It will destroy our neighborhoods as we know them. Homeowners and long-term community residents should have a weighty say in how development happens in their area.

For a Senator’s outside of LA to dictate what should happen in our neighborhoods is criminal. This rapid rate of mass building will likely not support the infrastructure under LA, it will create more traffic and parking issues – not less! The justification that building in areas near mass transit will eventually bring down housing prices or encourage mass transit use, does not make sense.



  • Make and Distribute Flyers with Talking Points to your community:

    • Supply-side housing doesn’t work

    • Will displace people and communities

    • Environmental Concerns about Density without Sustainability

    • An infrastructure of LA cannot withstand this level of dense development

  • Contact Community Organizations responding:

Damien Goodmon

This is from the Crenshaw Subway Coalition

Housing is a Human Right.

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I am a 17-year-old​ activist/arts advocate and have been participating in marches, protests and petitions since I was 5 years old. I serve on Mayor Garcetti's Youth Council for South LA. And have generated a petition to ban factory farming in California with over 55,000 signatures. I organize community events and get teens like me connected with social justice issues and activism all over LA.

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