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These past two weeks being part of the Fraser Family as a Summer Intern has been truly a remarkable and informative experience. Angie, Elijah and I all were part of the Let’s talk Cannabis LA County #Bigger Choices Campaign. When we started the internship from the start we got a first hand look of what it’s like to be in business meetings with the whole team and also on a personal webinar conference call with clients such as Lexus! Where they were discussing the difference between millennials and baby boomers, I learned the importance of understanding each generations Spending Habits, preferences, Outreach methods etc. and how advertiser can best use these methods to attracts there desired audience.

Fraser Family

What better way to gather data, stories and ideas then from people who are of that generation! Which is what we did! At first we thought we knew everything about our generation Z when in fact as we dug deep into studies, gathered data and shared opinions we found out some surprising information. We then shared our research with the Fraser Family.

We got to share about our experience being part of the #BiggerChoices campaign on Renee Frasers own Talk Show ‘The Deciders’ We had the opportunity to meet inspirational young women such as Lisa Bloom and be interviewed on the show you can find here 

My internship at Fraser Communications made me feel that despite my young age, my voice and opinion is important and people want to listen! Everyone there was really interested in what we had to say about Gen Z and super curious by asking many questions. Not only did we share our experience, they taught us so much too. We learned, all about the company the whys and hows to run an advertising agency that builds brands for the social good. Not to mention the countless advice we received at lunch and learns from experts such as Freelance with Danielle to Paying Taxes with Neelam, Tim and Amitesh.

Mr. Bracket and the ‘terns! (Angie, Elijah and I)

I’ve learned from this internship what it’s like to be in a professional workplace that also takes care of there team and understand what each of your colleagues goals are even if they are in a completely different department than you. I hope to continue my relation with Fraser Communications in the future, The opportunities I have received with Fraser have impacted my life in a great way. That I can’t wait to share everything I experienced at this internship back with my School, Family Friends and Community!

Posted by Lily Larsen

I am a 17-year-old​ activist/arts advocate and have been participating in marches, protests and petitions since I was 5 years old. I serve on Mayor Garcetti's Youth Council for South LA. And have generated a petition to ban factory farming in California with over 55,000 signatures. I organize community events and get teens like me connected with social justice issues and activism all over LA.

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