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Civic Y13708406_10155196874123975_5796923790906072256_oouth Los Angeles is a partnership between the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. Where community building, public speaking, effective communication, understanding of local government and ways to contribute and or join your neighborhood council.


 Awarded by the Mayor of Los Angeles  for my participation and work in the Civic Youth LA program
Awarded by the Mayor of Los Angeles for my participation and work in the Civic Youth LA program

Civic Youth has taught me many things about community engagement and Neighborhood councils. Any teen should and CAN join there neighborhood council! It is a great way to be involved with the Community and let others be proactive in there neighborhood!


Civic Youth LA is free program with the City Of LA and Empower LA  to anyone who applies and gets in from all of over Los Angeles, and teaches 2-3 hour workshops on ​​​Engaging with your Neighborhood Council ,Effective Presentation and Communication, Community Organizing and Outreach, Local Government 101, Service Action Day  and Congress of Neighborhoods: Presentation and Recognition of participants by the Mayor’s Office and EmpowerLA

In the Effective Presentation and Communication Workshop/ session.

These workshops helped teach us,

  • Public speaking
  • Professional communication
  • Participating in local government
  • Engaging with your Neighborhood Council, including writing Community Impact Statements and organizing Neighborhood clean-ups
  • Effective outreach and community organizing.

Civic Youth

This Program taught me so much yet also i made so many new friends too, every session started off with a breakfast and icebreaker that really made me comfortable with everyone there and exited to start my journey as a CYLA member.

Civic Youth LA 2016 Logo

My favorite course was Community Organizing 101 Service Project because it really made me realize that not only Can youth really can make a difference in different  communities, but we already have! There is no time to delay. There is no reason to wait until after college. The city and it’s people need our help and ideas now!

Civic Youth has taught me to be very proactive in my community and take initiative when there is none being taken. It has taught me to be more responsible and be a strong leader. When we were organizing our community projects I realized that I had strength as a group organizer and leadership skills. IMG_3054


Civic Youth helped me find my passion and what i want to do in life which is help people through Arts Activism and and be of service to The City.

Thank you Civic Youth LA, Empower LA and all the amazing mentors i had the opportunity to meet and work with:   Kimberly Rodriguez, Julienne Chen, Jasmine Elbarbary, Paola Fernadez, Tanya Pineda, Michael Long and Kevin Taylor and more!


To Find out more about Civic Youth CLICK HERE! 

Local Merch! Blu Elefant Cafe! GO !

A hidden secret in the city of LA on Washington off of Normandie. This cafe is GORGEOUS!  (And healthy)

Funky Art is everywhere and everything is so well put together!! It feels super comfortable once you walk in and you can sit anywhere and order your self some lunch or breakfast!

There are games out for anyone to play and 8 tracks on display along with records and comic books. It’s like a little wonderland once you walk in! And there’s open mic nights!!

  Veggie sandwich 
I have never seen any place like this in my area (Mid City) this coffee shop is the only one around and there’s nothing like it I’ve seen before!!

We need more places like this around here.

Blu Elefant stays open today (Labor Day) and caters to there customers we did this from scratch. They put the customers first. They want this to be a place where you remember your experience here not like a Starbucks where you grab your mocha then scram.

My mom the owner Inri and I continued talking for 20 minutes on how we need more places like these to bring the community together. 20-30 years ago nobody would come down here it was mainly gang territory but now it’s very different.

Very cute atmosphere and nice people.  Open mic Monday’s!!:)

In this area it’s mainly upholstery and auto body stores but the Blu Elefant is one of the first to change that and make this area what it’s supposed to be, a community  

You can find out more about Blu Elefant Coffee and Tea on there Yelp http://m.yelp.com/biz/blu-elefant-cafe-los-angeles-4

Or give them a visit on 2024 w. Washington blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90018. 



Hope to see you there sometime!!

Support your Local mom & pop buisness today!!

A Little Secret in El Sereno (Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea)

Supporting small businesses is always a good idea!

Outside Holy Grounds

Whether it’s a local thrift shop, a family owned restaurant or a coffee shop that supports local artists  – like the one I’m going to tell you about today –  in this era of Big Box/Mega/Super Stores, it is critical to keep these small businesses alive!  Today we are enjoying  Home Boy Cinnamon Coffee Cake at HOLY GROUNDS Coffee & Tea located on Alhambra Ave in the East Los Angeles Area (El Sereno). Holy Grounds is no regular coffee shop and as far as you can get from the ubiquitous Starbucks on every street corner. (My mom calls, the McDonalds of Coffee).

Painted fountains!
Painted fountains in the patio!

I would have to say this place is actually feels sacred – true to its name! When you first walk in, you are struck by vibrant and colorful art everywhere: including a wall filled with arts & crafts for sale, from Local Artists in the El Sereno/East Los Angeles/Alhambra area, like Andrew Cervantes.  The two women serving us are sweet and welcoming! You  you can order your homeboy coffee cake and latte or tea together 5$  Hey, I know you may think that’s expensive if you’re on a budget like me, but it’s worth it! Always better to support a small business than a corporation!

Outside stage

Outside stage

As you walk in
As you walk in

Once you want into the patio you literally find yourself NOT in Los Angeles anymore.  Sort of like you’re in the middle of Oregon and New Mexico combined.  There’s a big water fountain and small wooden chairs and tables spread out so you can enjoy a little snack with your friend or hopefully working  on  YOUR activist blog. There is art out here too, adding a folksy quaintness and magic feel, along with the gorgeous painted wall fountains.

2 awesome  baristas Lauren and Paulina!
2 awesome baristas Lauren and Paulina!
Local art by local artists.

There is also a mini stage with two paper mache skull senoritas where fellow Angelinos  can  come do some spoken word or stand up comedy and screen movies. Steve, the owner, has created a wonderful venue to bring the community together,  one of his main goals.  He is caring and community-minded and he built this magical oasis right in the middle of nothing! No coffee shops in this industrial enclave!

My purpose today is not only to recommend that you think FIRST of  your local small business for all things. But next to SHOUT OUT this wonderful place. Holy Grounds!

Support your Local Artists!
Support your Local Artists!


Where i was working on my moms computer. Pretty!
Where I was writing this on my mom’s computer. Pretty!

Hope you like the photos!  Come here and take beautiful photos for yourself and discover the Magic of Holy Grounds!

To Learn more about Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea 

Check out there website here!