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DITCH the plastic bottle! Here is why

Did you know that about 60 billion plastic water bottles are tossed in landfills each year? Plastic water bottles are a huge hazard to the environment and only have negative effects on the earth.  plastic-ocean


Here are only SOME of the problems plastic water bottles have on the earth all of these facts are from ban the bottle  and these all have to do with the U.S

1.)  Americas usage of plastic bottles is at high demand, thus using  over 17 billion barrels of oil yearly, that is enough oil to supply about 1.4 million cars a year.

2.) With all the energy plastic water bottles cause the energy could be used instead to power 190,000 homes

3.) Antimony, which is found in PET plastic bottles, in small doses can cause dizziness and depression; in larger doses it can cause nausea, vomiting and deathIsland-2

Plastic  Bottled water is not good for you either, yes it is water and water is natural. But plastic isn’t and when plastic gets hot it releases chemicals making the water no longer good to drink which is a huge waste.

Plastic water bottles also take over 1,000 years to biodegrade and if they are set on fire or burnt they release even more toxins.


Ways to ditch the plastic bottle

Getting a reusable NON-plastic water bottle without any BPA is actually hard to find yet once i find and try out one that will be the best choice for you and the environment.  BPA free reusable plastic water bottle or stainless steel bottles, yet aluminum reusable bottles do have a possible BPA liner which is not good.


The Greed of Exxon and the Destruction of Our Environment

Exxon is the biggest oil company on this earth.



As we all know the world is going through climate change and global warming right now along with many other problems YET did you know that  before people beileved it.  In the 1970s, 80s and 90s  EXXON MOBIL oil and gas company knew that our earth was at stake by the scientists that worked with them confirming it there was proof 40 years ago that Climate change was for sure a real problem and it was caused by humans and mainly the burning of fossil fuels as stated here from an article from the guardian


  • By 1978 Exxon’s senior scientists were telling top management that climate change was real, caused by man, and would raise global temperatures by 2-3C this century, which was pretty much spot-on.


Yet, Exxon never  put it out there that the earth is heating up and  didn’t  let  climatologists and many other people convince policymakers and politicians leaving it to themselves and if the issue of climate change was brought up Exxon would bash it like it is an absurd idea. As stated here 


  • And by the early 1990s their researchers studying the possibility for new exploration in the Arctic were well aware that human-induced climate change was melting the poles. Indeed, they used that knowledge to plan their strategy, reporting that soon the Beaufort Sea would be ice-free as much as five months a year instead of the historic two. Greenhouse gases are rising “due to the burning of fossil fuels,” a key Exxon researcher told an audience of engineers at a conference in 1991. “Nobody disputes this fact.”  exxon-arctic

Instead they used it for there own good by proposing to  drill massive holes into the arctic which they ended up doing and now polar bears and many animals are dying and houses and roads in Alaska are  buckling from permafrost thaw.


Exxon still continues to drill for fossil fuels and was part of one of the biggest lies ever. Exxon had the opportunity to fix Climate change and get a head start, if the public knew what Exxon selfishly hoarded to themselves for greed and money our planet would not be how it is today. Our planet might actually be fine yet Exxon mobil decided to kill it.



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